Bicycling is booming throughout New England. Although it’s impossible to know how many people are riding a bike on any given day, we do know it’s become exponentially more popular in recent years. With the growing number of bikers on the streets and in the bike lanes, the roads have become a more congested and dangerous place. Here at Schulze Law, we know the hazards of biking and know your biking rights.

There are a number of laws in the state of Massachusetts that govern how Bicyclists must interact with the road and how motor vehicles must interact with riders:

There are a number of Massachusetts laws aimed at addressing these issues, including:

  • Mass. Gen. Law Ch. 90, Section 14 (Precaution for Safety of Other Travelers) that requires motorists and passengers to check for bicyclists before opening their doors (fines of up to $100 for violation).
  • Allowing bicyclists to pass vehicles on the right (motorists can’t use the fact that bicyclists were riding to the right of traffic as a legal defense for causing a crash with a bicyclist).
  • Mass. Gen. Law Ch. 85, Section 11B, Requiring bicyclists to obey all traffic laws and use headlights and tail lights when riding at night.
  • Prohibiting motorists from making abrupt right turns at intersections and driveways after passing a cyclist.
  • Motorists have to allow a safe distance to pass a bicyclist, and if there isn’t enough room to safely do so, the motorist has to wait until it is safe.
  • Allowing a maximum of two cyclists riding together, except on roads with more than one lane in the direction of travel, in which case they must ride in a single lane.
  • Mass. Gen. Law Ch. 85, Section 11B(2)(ii)-(iii), Disallowing babies under the age of 1 to be transported by bicycle and requiring any person under the age of 16 to wear a helmet.
  • Motorists must yield to oncoming bicyclists when making left turns.

If you were struck by a car and sustained serious injuries while riding a bicycle in Boston, you need a strong legal advocate. As a bicyclist, you have the right to use most public roads and a responsibility to obey all traffic laws.

If you’ve been seriously injured in a cycling accident caused by a driver, you have legal rights to seek compensation for your injuries and other expenses related to your accident, including lost income if you are unable to work.  The Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Boston at Schulze Law are fierce advocates for cyclists who have been injured by motorists.

Focus on healing from your accident and let Schulze Law fight for you!

According the to city of Boston

  • There are an estimated 762,000 adults in Massachusetts who ride bikes at least once in the summertime.
  • Between 1984 and 2004, bicycling in Boston doubled, according to counts by the Central Transportation Planning Staff.
  • Ridership more than doubled again from 2007 to 2015, after the city launched the Boston Bikes initiative.
  • The Boston Bikes initiative resulted in more than 60 miles of bike lanes in the city, hundreds of bike racks, 1,700 donated bikes to youth and the unveiling of the Hubway bike share system – one of the first counties in the nation to do so.
  • There are 38,000 bicycle trips every day just in Boston, with 20 percent of those being work commutes.

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