How To Prevent Robocalls

Are robocalls driving you nuts? Here are ways to block and beat them. Your phone rings. Maybe it's a number you don't recognize or maybe it's a number with the same area code that seems oddly familiar. Either way, you decide to answer only to quickly realize that you've been hit by a robocall. If [...]

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Is Your Smartphone Running Slow?

Smartphones have radically changed the way we live. They have affected how we consume information, communicate, behave and use technology. Most of us use their smartphone every day. A study released by Deloitte found that Americans collectively check their smartphones upwards of 8 billion times per day! The facts prove that we’re obsessed with our phones. The [...]

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Online Safety Tips

Technology is incredible. It can be our best friend and our worst enemy. It can simplify or complicate our lives. For many of us, it would be virtually impossible not to use technology in any given day. Therefore, we rely and depend on its functionality to increase our productivity and its ability to entertain and [...]

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